How to make leather soles.

If you have made knitted or chrotcheted slippers you most certainly love them. They are warm and comfortable. BUT they are slippery! And of course they wear out easily. That’s the main reasons why many buy leather soles to sew on. But – why don’t you make them yourself. I can tell you how I do it – and I think you’ll figure it out even though I’m not a very good teacher. By making them yourself you can get exactly the size and color you want.
You can of course ask me to make you one – even with your name on the heel – but I tell you how I do it in case you prefer to do it yourself:

Make a pattern for the sole by measuring the length and width(s) of the slipper. Make a pattern like the one underneath whit your measurements.

An alternative way is by drawing around the slipper. You’ll have to decide wether you want the soles to be alike or a clear left and right.

Measure the circumstance of the sole. Add some extra for seam allowance

Cut out the sole from your choice of leather. In addition to the sole you need a piece of 3 cm x the circumstance + 2 cm for each sole. If you want the sole to be higher in the back you’ll have to cut it higher than 3 cm. This form needs more specific fitting since You’ll have to match it with the middle of the heel. Do as you please. It’s easier with a straight piece.

If you have to use to pieces to make a long enough piece just sew it together wrong side towards right side as in the last photo.

Assembly: Sew right side of the long piece towards the wring side (the rough side) of the sole. Start on the heel if you chose a wider part there. If not you might start on one of the sides. Start about 3-4 cm from the end – leaving room for sewing it close with the other end.If you don’t have a special foot for leather you might use paper between the leather and the presser foot. There are special needles for leather, but a solid standard needle will also do the job. Sew until there is about 3-4 cm left.

Join the piece before attaching the final bit.

Punch holes all the way around and sew it to the slipper with tread for buttons or several usual threads. If you want to sew without punching holes you’ll need a thimble and maybe a leather needle.

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  1. I love your staircase!! It was my dream to have something like that too, can imagine little fairies dancing around by the steps.

    Thank you for the shoe pattern! I just found one in my mothers antique copies of «the Workbasket» from August 1974.

    Yours makes its easier to download.

    Good luck, and epsom salt helps those aching muscles.

    Laura L

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